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"Maximum impact, minimum effort.... creating CD/DVDs and DVD inserts has never been easier or faster. A few clicks and you have a unique design to make your product look its best, with enough options to make it different each time you use it. Oh and did I say it was fast? Kudos to the PixelPops crew for producing a cool product that was badly needed in our industry!"

Ed Wardyga, Keepsake Video/KVI Media, Pawtucket, RI


"The PixelPops team has done it again!! With PixelMixer they have created a solution to the problem of creating personalized DVD inserts. With just a few mouse clicks, you can create custom DVD sleeve inserts for your clients with custom titles and images imported from the event. With their Pop-Ins, PixelPops allowed us to utilize the layering power of Adobe PhotoShop to design custom graphics for use in our videos. They have now adapted and simplified their techniques in the new PixelMixer. Custom DVD sleeves add elegance and value to the finished product. Clients will love them and videographers will deliver a very attractively packaged product. I highly recommend the PixelMixer."

Bob Perl, Perl Video, Atlanta, GA


"Dear PixelMonkeys... You will recall that I was skeptical about the usefulness of PixelMixer because I equated simplicity to a lack of creativity. That was before I created several dozen disk labels and covers for clients! Now...WOW is all I can say! You have built a deceivingly simple product that can nicely stand alone or be enhanced with all the wonderful tools in Photoshop. PixelMixer is the best jumping-off spot I have seen yet, and, oh clients love the results!"

Don Seils, President, Daystar Video Productions, Ltd., Parker, Colorado


"Dear Pixel Guys: Your PixelMixer program is wonderful. My husband, who has NEVER used Photoshop, was playing around with PixelMixer and was able to make a really nice looking DVD case cover. You've made this program so easy that a total novice can use it and have wonderful results. Thank you for an excellent product, keep 'em coming!"

Judy Handley, Handley Video Productions, Wichita, KS


"PixelMixer creates breathtaking, extraordinary labels and covers for our DVDs. They look professional, and the client LOVES them!! The PixelMixer has saved a lot of time in the DVD labeling department. I cannot believe how fast and easy it is to do covers and labels for our DVDs now. Thanks PixelPops!!"

Luisa C. Winters, Unforgettable Events Videography, Odenton, MD


"The Pop-Ins actions have been a mega hit with the brides, the 50th anniversary crowds and in our new sports video. Keep up the great job!"

Dan Schloss, Echo Media Productions, Modesto, CA


"Pop-Ins are fantastic and simplify my job. I have been using them for every wedding and event video I've produced. I’m a very happy and satisfied customer."

Lisa Fisher, LA Millennium Video Productions, Bowie, MD


"Hi all, just wanted to let you know just how fantastic the Pop-Ins are for Photoshop. They are extremely easy to use and I recommend them for all Photoshop users. The instructional tape was excellent and has helped tremendously in unraveling the mysteries of Photoshop. I can already tell my clients love the new graphics I created with your products."

Alex Motsko, A.M. Productions, Kinston, NC


"Just got your Pop-Ins cd/video and I am blown away at how simple you have made my life with these already created pop-ins."

Wayne Morris, Wayne Morris Video Productions, Gardendale, AL


"I just used my PixelPops Pop-Ins for the first time and the client loved it! Me too! Very easy to use and it really does only take about 2 minutes...complete, start to finish! Love 'em. Thanks."

Judy Handley, Handley Video, Wichita, KS


"It is without a doubt the best training tape I have ever seen! PixelPops makes it seem so easy, yet explains everything to a tee."

Fred Hansen, Gemini Video Productions, Burnaby B.C. Canada


“What I learned in Alpha Channels alone made this worth the price. This video taught me what I needed to know to look more professional… Thank you for a good product and I look forward to seeing what you have in store for the future.”

Henry Cruz, Illusions Video Productions, Taunton, MA


"It is really one of the few tutorials that you walk away from feeling like you can actually do it yourself."

Kris Nelson, III Oaks Video Productions, Oklahoma City, OK


"The video was great! I really learned a lot from your graphics ideas. You teach more than just Photoshop in the video, you also teach graphics."

Karla E. Patterson, Video-7 Production Co., Inc., Mabank, TX


"It is clear that PixelPops knows Photoshop inside and out. They take fairly technical terms and explain them in real world dialogue. I found that although I could achieve the same results on my own, I was doing far too much work for each image. Right away I discovered many time saving steps. Even the most skilled Photoshop users could learn something. And for beginning users, everything is described so clearly and presented so well on the screen that it is impossible not to achieve good results."

Joe McManus, Future Vision, London, Ontario, Canada